A happy employee is a productive employee! That's where we come in! With work-related stresses becoming a global epidemic and causing declining productivity, MassageTime's on-site seated massage services will leave you and your staff energized and rejuvenated - and that's great for your business.

Each corporate $1.00 invested in wellness initiatives has a return of $3.40 (Health Canada).

With years of experience, our professionally trained practitioners will help your employees to be alert, focused, enthusiastic at work, while at the same time increasing job satisfaction. Reward staff for a job well done or offer our services as incentives in an internal campaign.

We come to you equipped with a comfortable and portable seated massage chair.

A weekly or bi-weekly massage can solve or eliminate the re-occurring problems of overess, stiff neck, shoulder and wrist pain.

Health conscious employers all over the world have recognized the benefits to both employees and the business by integrating wellness programs into the workplace.  Our service gives personalized attention to each employee session with a concentration on the needs of the individual.

We proudly stand behind our services with a full money back guarantee. MassageTime’s on-site massage is done through clothing and each session lasts 15 to 30 minutes per participant.

Please explore our web site for more information about our services and the benefits to your business. Please contact us at any time for more information or to book a MassageTime on-site seated massage!

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